Gauntlet Node Portable Wireless 2.5 Enclosure (PCGTW25S)

The Gauntlet Node, a portable wireless storage enclosure, breaks free from the storage limitations of devices like tablets and smart phones. A complete DIY solution to turn any 2.5” HDD or SSD into wireless storage, The Gauntlet Node creates the perfect personal storage option for today’s most popular tablets and mobile devices.

Complete Do-It-Yourself Storage Solution.
Simply install a HDD/SSD, charge the Gauntlet Node, install the app and begin sharing and streaming your media content.
Define your own capacity.
Add your own 2.5" HDD/SSD for complete flexibility.
Wirelessly share and stream movies, music and documents with up to 8 devices simultaneously.
Let your friends enjoy all your media content. Share your whole media library without worrying about annoying buffering issues.

The Gauntlet Nodes can be fitted with up to a 2TB HDD or is a great way to reuse drives displaced by notebook upgrades. With the ability to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously and launching with App support for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire; the Gauntlet Node provides the most accessible wireless storage solution for streaming content like videos, music, and pictures.

Powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery, the Gauntlet Node is capable of streaming up to 5.5 hours continuously, providing the ultimate solution for on-the-go productivity or entertainment. Backed by Patriot Memory’s award winning customer service, the Gauntlet Node carries a 2-year warranty.
With app support for Android™, iOS and Kindle, the Gauntlet Node will allow you to break free from the limited internal storage of WI-FI enabled tablets and smart phones. Free App is called Gauntlet Connect.


The Gauntlet Node is a product defined almost plug and play , in fact it comes with everything you need to attach a hard drive or SSD 2.5 " on the inside, without the need for special knowledge. ...�the Gauntlet Node supports ... the pass-through function. This is the ability to connect the network drive to a pre-existing WiFi in order to gain access to the internet as well as the data on the disc.
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Those who carry large data and want to access it wherever they are on their iPad, these devices are the perfect choice. With capacities of up to 2TB, you can take everything with you on the go. If you are looking for an external hard drive for your PC anyway, a mobile hard drive with a wifi hotspot is the ideal choice and you can use it with your iPad as well.
(similar article published on Macwelt)
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...the Gauntlet Node is more luxurious and a little richer in features and should benefit those for whom attention to detail is a selection criterion in itself.

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The Gauntlet Node is certainly a very interesting idea, especially for people with mobile devices who would enjoy continuous access to a large amount of data. It certainly is a very stylish and well-made device...We think it would be exceptionally useful for those who own iPhones and iPads, the memory of which cannot be upgraded, as well as similar mobile devices, and possess a very large audio collection or, even worse, video files such as movies and boxsets. It definitely is a versatile device, with the USB 3.0 cable allowing the quick transfer of massive amounts of data between it and a PC and the 8-way Wi-Fi allowing the connection of several devices simultaneously. Battery life is very good too, considering that the battery has to power a mechanical disk drive.
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"PCAXE Advanced Design" fits perfectly into the story of this device. If you have a need for multiple devices and want to access their data simultaneously over WiFi, and you also want to enjoy the benefits of the USB 3.0 standard, we believe that the Patriot Gauntlet Node is the perfect solution! Our warm recommendation!

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The concept of the Gauntlet Node is one which is very appealing. ... £80 gets a solid enclosure with USB 3.0 and Wireless-N functionality, an AC adapter, the ability to use the device for 5 hours without wires and a 2-year warranty. Pretty good all things considered.
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KitGuru says: A very good portable wireless drive enclosure that is a great device for frequent travellers or users wanting to transfer files to their numerous gadgets.

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"...if you’re looking for a portable storage device that blows all the others out of the water, The Gauntlet Node from Patriot should be at the top of your list. It reaps the PureOverclock Editor’s Choice Award."
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"The Gauntlet Node looks to address the need for more storage for users on-the-go. We feel that it delivered well overall in our testing, and with Apple and Android devices, the device is easy to configure and use."
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"Most files streamed just fine, even when there were multiple devices competing for bandwidth, and once the Node and any connected devices were set up and configured, the user experience was fairly straightforward and simple."

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“Our Verdict: The Gauntlet Node is an external USB 3.0 chassis that lets you build your own Wi-Fi-equipped hard drive that works with iOS and Android devices. It's a fine solution for supplemental tablet or phone storage if you already own a 2.5-inch drive that's gathering dust.”

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"The Patriot Gauntlet Node Wireless enclosure is a unique device that is not only useful for entertainment but for productivity as well. Having the ability to view document files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and various multimedia files on the go via the Gauntlet Connect App makes it much more than an enclosure. The Gauntlet Node is an information sharing hub fit for the modern lifestyle."

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