Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba, DDR3 8GB (2 x 4GB) 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit (PV38G240C0K)

Patriot Memory’s Viper 3 Series memory kits are designed with true performance in mind. Tested and compatible with Intel’s® and AMD’s DDR3 compatible processors and chipsets, The Viper 3 series provides the best performance and stability for the most demanding computer environments.

The Viper 3 series utilizes a custom designed high performance heat shield for superior heat dissipation to ensure rock solid performance even when using the most taxing applications. Built from the highest quality Build of Materials, Patriot Memory’s Viper 3 Series memory kits are hand tested and validated for system compatibility.

Available in dual and quad channel kits, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Kits, Patriot Memory’s Viper 3 Series will be offered at speeds from 1600MHz up to 2400MHz at 1.5 - 1.65 volts and are XMP 1.3 ready. Hand tested for quality assurance, the Viper 3 series is backed by a lifetime warranty.

After testing the Viper 3, this is a great high-end dual channel kit with a great performance, excellent design and a lifetime guarantee
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This memory looks great in the system and would look even better if the PCB were black. That said the performance is great and I have no doubt that the performance would be even better in a newer Intel system. ... Patriot has built a reputation of manufacturing quality, high performance memory kits. If you are in the market for a memory upgrade, wait no longer and look no further.
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The Patriot Viper 3 Series 8GB DDR3-2400 CL10 memory kit is a great upgrade for those who are using a memory kit with lesser speeds If you are in the market for a memory upgrade, wait no longer and look no further.
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    For gamers and enthusiasts 2400 MHz memory is becoming the standard and Patriot is ready with their Viper 3 kits. The 8GB 2400 MHz kit (PV38G240C0K) that we reviewed today has some pretty impressive timings too at 10-12-12-31 at 1.65V. This ensures that you will get the best performance possible., ThinkComputers.com Read More

By using higher latencies and/or more voltage we were easily able to crack DDR3-2600 at 10-13-12 and DDR3-2800 using 11-14-13, which are the sort of numbers you normally see by a memory located in a completely different price league. ...if Patriot are able to remain consistent with use of Hynix chips then the Vipers should definitely be taken seriously by anyone browsing the surrounding memory market. What we have in the end is another strong upper midrange product. 

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